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<p>Blizzard has successfully sued Chinese dev Unico for, to all intents and purposes, copying Hearthstone. You can see a screenshot from the offending game, Crouching Dragon Legends, above.</p><p>Unico has stated publicly that it has received no communication from the court telling it to pay the $1.6 million in damages, and that it is discussing with its lawyers about options to take against news outlets that report these 'false' claims.</p><p>According to Kotaku, Crouching Dragon Legends play almost exactly like Hearthstone, but features a Romance of the Three Kingdoms era setting rather than WoW's chunky fantasy.</p><p>The game was taken down from a variety of app stores when the original claim was filed earlier in the year, and its servers have been on hold since February.</p><p>Unico has said it will refund players who spent any money in Crouching Dragon Legends.</p>.

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